Climbing Learning in Mallorca

    • Alcudia Balears
    • Offered in Spanish and English
    • Max 10 people
    • OFFER!

      60 EUR per person

      Original Price 65 EUR -8%

    What will we do?

    This course consists of approximately 5 hours of activity/day for three days.

    You will know the sport of climbing, its different modalities, and possibilities in Mallorca.

    Get to know the climbing material and learn how to make and use the safety knots.

    People who are interested can choose the method they want to start with based on their previous experience: introduction I, II or III.

    You will enjoy the spectacular landscapes of Mallorca from another point of view and finish the course with the necessary tools to practice climbing independently!!

    You can do only one day of the course or do the entire 3-day period.


    What do I have to bring? What else should I know?


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