Reality Shifting Training

  • Online ExperienceThis is an Online Experience
  • Offered in English
  • Max 5 people
  • 589.84 EUR per person
What will we do?
6-week life transformational program

Learn the concepts, principles, tools and techniques you will use to change your reality. You will have more confidence, more happiness and joy.

- 6-weeks Reality Shifting training
- Teaching and Exercises

- 60-minute sessions are held weekly on Zoom.

- Each week, you will have an exercise to repeat daily.

Payment plans available. Guaranteed results.


This is a 6-week program. We will meet once each week, at the same day and time. There will be homework (under 15 minutes) assigned for each day until the next session.

Please select the date to start this experience. Contact me for the dates of the next sessions.

Ask about our couple's discount.
What do I have to bring? What else should I know?

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